(Top 10) Best Dividend Stocks under $10

Best Dividend Stocks under $10:- A dividend is a price paid to shareholders of a publicly traded company. Shares can be cash, shares, cash equivalents, etc. and are usually issued with company profits or cash reserves.

The dividend yield is the average between the annual budget per share and the current price of the share, which is calculated as a percentage. This will help you understand how much the company is paying per share.

Here in this article, we try to offer you the best dividend paying stocks under $10. So, let’s get started without any further delay:-

Best Dividend Stocks under $10

Best Dividend Stocks under $10:-

  1. United Microelectronics Corporation.
  2. Aegon N.V.
  3. WisdomTree Investments.
  4. LivexLive Media.
  5. Annaly Capital Management Inc.
  6. Chimera Investment Corporation.
  7. Equitrans Midstream Corporation.
  8. UWM Holdings Corporation.
  9. Yamana Gold Inc.
  10. Grupo AVAL.

1. United Microelectronics Corporation:-

United Microelectronics Corp is a global semiconductor foundry. The company provides integrated circuit manufacturing for applications spanning all sectors of the electronics industry. UMC is best known for its semiconductor foundry operations, producing integrated circuit boards for semiconductor companies. In this role, UMC ranks behind TSMC’s competitors.

The current share price of United Microelectronics is around $6.87 and the dividend yield of United Microelectronics for the last 3 financial years is around 10.7%.

2. Aegon N.V.:-

Aegon is an integrated, diversified, international financial services group. We offer investment, protection and retirement solutions. Aegon’s strategy focuses on three core markets (the United States, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands), three growth markets (Spain and Portugal, Brazil and China) and one global asset manager. Aegon is headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands. Aegon allocates capital to profitable opportunities in its core and growth markets and through Aegon Asset Management.

Aegon’s current share price is around $4.56 and Aegon’s dividend yield for the last 3 financial years is around 3.86%.

3. WisdomTree Investments:-

WisdomTree launched its first exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in June 2006 and is currently the tenth largest sponsor of exchange-traded products (ETPs) worldwide. WisdomTree offers ETPs covering domestic, international and global equities, fixed income, currencies, commodities and alternative strategies. WisdomTree pioneered the concept of fundamentally-weighted ETFs and active ETFs and is currently the industry leader in both categories (as measured by assets under management). WisdomTree is the only publicly traded asset manager focused exclusively on the ETP industry.

Wisdom Tree Investments’ current stock price is around $5.07 and Wisdom Tree Investments’ dividend yield for the last 3 financial years is around 6.09%.

4. LivexLive Media:-

LivexLive Media is a music streaming platform that combines audio and (often live) video available in the US and Canada. Users can access the service on the web through mobile apps on smartphones and OTT devices to create and share customized music stations. LiveXLive allows users to customize one of their programmed stations (such as Today’s Hits) or start with music similar to an artist or song and then customize it. Currently, LiveXLive powered by Slacker has 420 professional music stations. LiveXLive’s business model offers free, ad-supported access and subscription tiers that remove ads and offer additional features.

Livexlive Media’s current share price is around $5.07 and Livexlive Media’s dividend yield for the last 3 financial years is around 6.09%.

Best Dividend Stocks under $10

5. Annaly Capital Management Inc:-

Annaly Capital Management is one of the largest mortgage real estate investment trusts. It is organized in Maryland with headquarters in New York. The company is ranked 910 on the Fortune 500 list. The company’s name comes from the name of the area in Ireland ruled by the ancestors of the company’s founders. Annaly Capital Management was founded in 1997 by Michael A.J. Farrell and Wellington Denahan. Mike Farrell spent 26 years working for investment banks including E.F. Hutton & Co., Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch.

Current stock price of Annaly Capital Management Inc. hovers around $6.6488 and Annaly Capital Management Inc.’s dividend yield. for the last 3 financial years is approximately 13.56%.

6. Chimera Investment Corporation:-

Chimera Investment Corp. acts as a real estate investment fund. It engages in investing directly or indirectly through its subsidiaries on a leveraged basis in a portfolio of mortgage assets. It includes residential mortgage loans, residential mortgage-backed securities, commercial mortgage loans, real estate-related securities, and various other asset classes. The company was founded on June 1, 2007, and is based in New York. Chimera Investments is part of the Abu Dhabi Royal Group, a diversified conglomerate of companies comprising more than 60 entities and employing 20,000 employees.

The current stock price of Chimera Investment Corp. is around $8.80 and the dividend yield of Chimera Investment Corp. for the last 3 financial years is approximately 14.33%.

7. Equitrans Midstream Corporation:-

Equitrans Midstream Corporation, also known as E-Train, is an American energy company engaged in the pipeline transportation of natural gas and natural gas liquids. Its headquarters are in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Equitrans Midstream has set a vision to become the leading midstream services company in North America, providing safe, reliable and innovative infrastructure solutions for the energy industry. Our core assets located throughout the Appalachian Basin, along with several growth projects, position us well to meet the growing energy demands of the United States.

The current stock price of Equitrans Midstream Corp. is around $9.97 and the dividend yield of Equitrans Midstream Corp. for the last 3 financial years is around 6.31%.

8. UWM Holdings Corporation:-

United Wholesale Mortgage is a national wholesale mortgage lending company headquartered in Pontiac, Michigan. UWM secures and provides closing documentation for residential mortgage loans originated by independent mortgage brokers, correspondents, small banks and local credit unions in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Current stock price of UWM Holdings Corp. is around $3.66 and the dividend yield of UWM Holdings Corp. for the last 3 financial years is around 5.51%.

9. Yamana Gold Inc:-

Yamana Gold Inc. is a Canadian company that owns and operates gold, silver and copper mines in Canada, Chile, Brazil and Argentina. Headquartered in Toronto. The company became a gold producer following its restructuring in 2003 when Peter Marrone took over as CEO and merged with Brazil’s Santa Elina Mines Corporation. The combined company was able to leverage Yamana’s access to capital with the Santa Elina development properties to bring the Chapada mine into production. From there, the company partnered with other TSX-listed companies RNC Gold, Desert Sun Mining, Viceroy Exploration, Northern Orion Resources, Meridian Gold, Osisko Mining and Extorre Gold Mines, each contributing either a producing mine or a development project to come. into commercial production.

Yamana Gold’s current share price is around $4.93 and Yamana Gold’s dividend yield for the last 3 financial years is around 2.46%.

10. Grupo AVAL:-

Grupo Aval is a Colombian holding company engaged in a wide range of financial activities, including banking, telecommunications and real estate; in Colombia and Central America. Grupo Aval owns enough voting shares in other companies to control their policies. In addition to its interests in many industries.

Grupo Aval’s current share price is around $3.20 and Grupo Aval’s dividend yield for the last 3 financial years is around 7.67%.


In this article, we try to share the Best Dividend Paying Stocks under the stock Price of $10. If you want to ask any questions regarding this topic you can ask in the comment section below. If you want to stay updated with such important information related to the stock market, then do not forget to remain in Stock in US.

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