ConocoPhillips Stock Forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

ConocoPhillips Stock Forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030:- ConocoPhillips, established in August 2002, is one of the largest Multinational Organisations engaged in the oil and gas Industry. The company’s services include manufacturing, transporting, and marketing crude oil, bitumen, natural gas, natural gas liquids, and liquefied natural gas worldwide.

With the help of this article, we have tried to analyze and predict ConocoPhillips stock using several analyses.

ConocoPhillips Stock Forecast 2023

Significant oil exploration and development opportunities still exist on the North Slope, with active programs underway in the Kuparuk River, Colville River, and Bear Tooth and Greater Moses Tooth units. More than 75% of the company’s exploration portfolio is undrilled. The final appraisal of the Willow and Narwhal discoveries was completed in 2020.

ConocoPhillips Stock Forecast will be available by the end of the Financial Year 2023. The initial Stock Price is expected to be around $ 160 and the second target price will be around $ 165.

ConocoPhillips Stock Forecast 2024

On October 19, 2020, ConocoPhillips announced it will buy Concho Resources for $9.7 billion making it the third largest company operating in the oil-rich Permian basin. In September 2020, ConocoPhillips decided to buy all the shares of Royal Dutch Shell PLC’s assets in the Permian basin for around $9.5 billion in cash. This Decision made a good impact showing the current position and steadiness of the company in the Industry.

The Company will be able to achieve the Price Target for the Financial Year 2024. The First ConocoPhillips Stock Forecast 2024 is considered to be $180. Following this, the second Stock price target will be $195.

ConocoPhillips Stock Forecast 2025

ConocoPhillips is the third largest energy company in the United States, based on market capitalization and oil and gas reserves and production. Worldwide, ConocoPhillips is the sixth largest publicly owned energy company, based on oil and gas reserves, and the fifth largest refiner. This makes the company become more productive and enter and capitalize on more markets to generate more opportunities.

In this section, we will use different analytical tools to predict the two Stock Target prices that ConocoPhillips will be able to maintain in the Financial year 2025. The initial ConocoPhillips stock forecast for 2025 will be $ 230. And the second target stock price of the year will be $240.

ConocoPhillips Stock Forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

ConocoPhillips Stock Forecast 2026

ConocoPhillips has four core activities worldwide which include

  • Petroleum production and exploration;
  • Petroleum refining, marketing, supply, and Transportation;
  • Natural gas gathering, processing, and Marketing
  • Chemicals and Plastic production

Considering the company’s operations and worldwide reach, it can be easily assured that ConocoPhillips has the potential to be the top leading company in the energy source. In addition, ConocoPhillips has three emerging businesses under development — carbon fibers, natural gas refining, and power generation.

The Company will be able to achieve the target stock price for the Financial Year 2026. The Initial ConocoPhillips Stock Forecast 2026 will be around $270. And the second target price is considered to be around $280.

ConocoPhillips Stock Forecast 2030

ConocoPhillips also participate in the chemicals and plastics business through a 50% interest in Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, a leading producer of olefins, polyolefins, aromatics, and styrenics. The company also participates in the natural gas gathering, processing, and marketing business through its 30.3% interest in Duke Energy Field Services and with other directly owned assets.

The Expected Target price for the Financial year 2030 will be available at the beginning of the year. The initial ConocoPhillips stock forecast for 2025 will be $ 550  and the second target price at the end of the decade will be $600.

ConocoPhillips Stock Forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030 Table

YearConocoPhillips Stock Forecast
First Forecast 2023$ 160
Second Forecast 2023$ 165
First Forecast 2024$ 180
Second Forecast 2024$ 195
First Forecast 2025$ 230
Second Forecast 2025$ 240
First Forecast 2026$ 270
Second Forecast 2026$ 280
First Forecast 2030$ 550
Second Forecast 2030$ 600
ConocoPhillips Stock Forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030 Table

Future Prospectus of ConocoPhillips Stock

On July 2022, ConocoPhillips and Sempra Infrastructure Sign Heads of Agreement for Large-Scale LNG Projects and Carbon Capture Activities. This agreement shows the company’s prospects for the future development of low-carbon products.ConocoPhillips will leverage existing strengths in natural gas trading and marketing and emissions reduction projects in support of the Port Arthur LNG project as well as its growing global LNG portfolio.

ConocoPhillips is a global oil and gas company with a simple mission to safely find and deliver energy in different forms for the global. In 2021 Forbes ranked ConocoPhillips as the 574th-largest public company in the world. With around 10000 employees worldwide, ConocoPhillips capitalize 49% of the USA,10% of Norway, 5% of Canada, and more.

Expert Views on ConocoPhillips Stock

With the help of several analyses with different conditions provided on the number of pages and websites, we can be assured that ConocoPhillips has the potential to grow in the coming years with huge returns on its stock to its investors. As an investor, it will be a great opportunity to hold ConocoPhillips stock for the long term for capital growth and trade in the short term for higher returns as well.

ConocoPhillips Stock F.A.Q.

– ConocoPhillips’ business is associated with which sector?

ConocoPhillips is associated with the Energy sector.

– Who is the CEO of ConocoPhillips Company?

Currently, Ryan Lance is the CEO of ConocoPhillips company.

– Does ConocoPhillips Stock Pay Good Dividend?

In terms of dividends, ConocoPhillips Stock looks very good.


I hope that after reading our ConocoPhillips Stock Forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2030 articles, you will get complete information about the company, and also you have an idea of where the company’s performance is likely to be headed. If any question is still coming to your mind related to this article, do not forget to ask in the comment. To stay updated with such important information related to the stock market, do not forget to stay with Stock in US at all.

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