Disney Plans to Cut Some Jobs and Freeze Hiring 

Disney CEO Bob Chapek is reportedly planning to freeze hiring and cut some jobs.

Disney Freeze Hiring reason:-

The downfall in the company's revenue is the main reason for the ban on recruitment and the reduction of some jobs.

Revenue Down Disney

If seen in the Media and Entertainment segment, Disney's revenue is $12.7 billion, in which YOY is down 3%.

Disney Cut Some Jobs

If reports are to be believed, Disney is planning to lay off some small employees in the coming days.

CEO Bob Chapek says 

"We've had to make difficult and uncomfortable decisions. But that's what leadership requires, and I want to thank you in advance for stepping up during this critical time." 

Disney Focus on Business 

The focus of the management is to reduce its expenses to a great extent and invest the maximum in improving the platform. 

Disney Stock Price:- $ 95.01 Market Cap:- $ 173.21 billion 

Positive Response Disney Stock 

Positive signs are being seen in the market regarding the decision of Disney's management to increase its business.